The teacher team of the first ark mobility in beautiful Maramureș, Romania.

The biblical narrative „Noah’s Ark“ is a rescue operation in which Noah, his family and the land animals flee from the Flood with the self-built Ark, because people had spread all over the world and did not care about the good. God there fore wanted a new beginning. This story serves as a basis and metaphor for our planned project. In many areas our students have realized that they or the generations before them no longer deal well with our earth and environment, which in various ways now affects our students‘ everyday life. They have realized that these environmental problems know no borders and that they have to collaborate with other students from different countries, exchange in a common language (English) about environmental problems andtheir solutions in order to avert the threatening danger of Nemesis towards a more environmentally friendly way of life. Therefore, various countries of the European Union and its partner countries (in our case Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Germany and Norway) meet on the Ark at five minutes to twelve, just before it is too late to save the earth. As they head towards a new beginning in a more environmentally friendly world, they will encounter various environmental problems on their journey on the Ark that they will tackle with sustainable solutions. They take these sustainable solution products with them on their Ark and distribute them to their school communities to ensure that the world they are heading for is a more environmentally friendly one. Thus, symbolically, after each visit to a „port“ of the partner country, an object is placed on the Ark. The last port will be the joint implementation of a sustainability week involving the whole school community, other surrounding school communities and various local institutions. Our vision is that a sustainability week will in the future draw circles and be carried out in various school communities and cities of the EU.


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